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Most Helpful Yoga Positions for a Healthy Living

Posted on 02/09/2017

Yoga originated in India and is today practiced across the globe because of its evident and far-reaching positive effects. Yoga helps to make, not just the body, but the mind healthy too. So, when you practice yoga you are improving your flexibility, adding to your core strength, increasing your flexibility, and taking care of your mental well-being as well. There is a wide range of asanas (postures) in Yoga that focus on different parts of the body. But, we have cherry-picked a few that are easy enough to be practiced regularly and take care of your overall health.

Thunderbolt Pose

You can do this asana after meals and it is the only one that you can perform after you eat. It helps you in taking care of any kind of gastric problems, troubles with blood pressure, heart diseases, and pain in the legs, calves and knees.
To perform this asana, kneel on the floor. Then, put your toes next to each other and let the heels fan out. Now, sit on the base created by your feet. Make sure that your back is perfectly straight, and your hands are placed face down on your knees. Perform this after every meal only for five to ten minutes.

Corpse Pose

Shavasana helps you melt away all your stress by letting you relax and observe your breathing. With no physical movement involved, your mind will feel decluttered after performing it.
To perform Shavasana, lay on your back and put your legs as far wide as your shoulders. At this point, make sure that your toes are facing outwards. Do not make any kind of movements and start to visualize your breathing and feeling its rhythm. Again, you only need to devote five minutes for this asana.

Mountain Pose

If you are looking for improved balance, a good posture, better concentration, and hence an overall sense of calm, start doing the mountain pose.
Stand completely straight, holding your shoulders a little back and keeping your eyes straight ahead. You will then need to move your hands up from the side and join them on the top of your head and breathe. Stretch them as far as you can go.
This asana forms a good starting point for many other poses like the tree pose, where you have to stand on just one leg. This is a level up from the mountain pose and offers similar benefits.

Downward Dog

If you practice the downward dog regularly, you will stretch your neck and spine, hence eliminating tension from them that occurs as a result of sitting in one position for long hours. Not only this, this position also helps you in strengthening your arms and shoulders.
Stand straight with your legs slightly separated. Now, bend forward, putting your hands in front of your head, curl the toes, and straighten your legs. At this point, your body should be forming an inverted-V. Once you have balanced yourself, keep pushing yourself towards the floor as much as you can, but do not bend your legs. Perform this pose for five minutes, taking breaks in between.