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Top 10 International Tourist Destinations that Don’t Require Visa for Indians

Posted on 02/09/2017

India is a well-respected country across the globe. This means travelling to other countries is rather easy for Indians because they do not face any particular problems while getting their visas. While planning to travel to countries like the USA and the UK, Indians have to stand in long queues for their visa appointment. On the other hand, there are certain countries that don’t require Indians to apply for a visa to visit their country. So, the next time you are planning a vacation, try and include these destinations a part of your itinerary and get rid of all the visa hassles.


Called the Land of Happiness, Bhutan is a country where Indians do not need to a visa to travel. It is a lush green country with a lot of majestic sites to offer. You can travel to Thimphu, the capital from where you can go to several places. Visit the Buddha Point for a great view, go to Dochula Pass to witness the grandness of The Himalayas, stop at Wangdue Phodrang and Punakha Dzong for a piece of history, and go trekking at the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.


If you are a nature lover, Maldives is the place you want to visit and if you are an Indian, you will get a free visa for 30 days on arrival. In fact, Maldives is one of the favorite destinations among honeymooning couples. They get to spend a lot of time with each other in the surrounding tranquility. The clear beaches, striking blue lagoons and the picturesque coral reefs ensure that Maldives has some of the most beautiful beach side resorts in the world.


Indians can just pick up their passports and head to Nepal, even by road. There is no need for any kind of visa. All they need to carry is a valid identity proof issued by the Indian Government. Once in Nepal, you will be awestruck by the beauty of the country. There are temples, palaces, and a lot of history to catch up on. If you are the adventurous kind, then do not miss out on the Annapurna circuit, which is tagged by many as one of the best trekking trails in the world.

Hong Kong

This might be a surprise to many, but visiting Hong Kong does not require Indians to carry a visa. If you like shopping, you are going to love Hong Kong. Apart from the numerous markets, there is a whole array of international and local food on offer. While in Hong Kong, do not miss out on the exciting night life and do not forget to visit Disneyland.


Lush green rainforests, diverse wildlife, amazing hiking trails, and spellbinding waterfalls are only some of the many attractions that Mauritius has to offer. Indians do not need to apply for any kind of visa in advance to visit Mauritius. A return ticket and a passport can get them a tourist visa on arrival for as many as 60 days.


Indians do not need to get a visa in advance to visit Cambodia. They can travel without one and get a visa on arrival. The first place on your list for your vacation in Cambodia should be the world heritage site, Angkor Wat. Other than the world famous tourist spot, you can also check out the Royal Place that is situated in Phnoh Penh and can also get a sneak peek into the Cambodian culture at the Cambodian Cultural Village in Siem Reap.


If you hold an Indian passport, then you can catch the next flight to Bolivia, without worrying about a visa. This country that houses six UNESCO world heritage site will give you a 30-day visa on arrival. The best word to describe Bolivia would be offbeat and magical. You can not only find solace in the Amazonian jungles, but can also get to visit a witch’s market, where women in black hats can be found selling potions, powders, and what not. Of course, no trip to Bolivia can be complete without visiting the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni.


Yes, if you are an Indian you can get the flavor of the Carribean without a visa. Go to the birthplace of Bob Marley, Reggae music, and much more to enjoy the history, culture, food, and the amazing food that Jamaica has to offer. Make some dolphin friends at Dolphin Cove, go to Long Beach Bay for surfing, get a slice of Jamaican history at the National Heroes Park, or raft away on the Rio Grande river. There is so much to do that you will want to come again and again.


With more than 300 islands making up this country, there are a lot of beaches to sunbathe on, and a huge variety of seafood to sample in Fiji. Lucky for Indians, they are not required to have a passport for visiting this beautiful country. Other than relaxing, you can also indulge in snorkeling, golfing, and other sports on the islands as well. The night life in Fiji is pretty amazing too and while you are there, do get a taste of it yourself.


With visas handed out on arrival to Indians, all you need is a passport and a ticket when travelling to Jordan. This is a destination that is overflowing with history and ancient archaeological sites. Petra, Montreal castle, Temple of Artemis, and the desert of Wadi Rum, are only a few of the many wonders that await you in Jordan. Of course, no visit to Jordan is complete without going to the Dead Sea. The white dunes of salts around the sea look unreal and once you go in you will automatically float without any effort, thanks to the mineral rich composition of the sea. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you should have. Try out as many different delicacies of the region too.